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STEM education stands at a pivotal junction, commanding a growing significance on the global stage. At Maker Lessons, we aim to pave the way for comprehensive technology education, addressing the pressing need for valuable resources tailored to both educators and students across all proficiency levels. With a diverse range of Technology Education disciplines, encompassing Drafting, Electronics and Robotics, Graphics, and Core Technologies—the backbone of all technology—we endeavor to fill the void in meaningful learning materials.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ever-expanding repository of projects that captivate learners, nurturing a genuine understanding of the subject matter. Embracing the belief that "Making is Learning," our ethos centers on the profound impact of active creation on knowledge acquisition. Thus, our platform caters to classrooms seeking enriching tech-ed resources, primarily geared towards grades 6 to 12, with a particular focus on high school education.

With Maker Lessons as your guide, technology education gains new dimensions, empowering students and educators alike to flourish in the world of STEM.


Alex Visakay

Alex Visakay graduated in 2010 from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts. He graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering and through Northeastern's Co-op program a year and a half of professional engineering experience. Alex has worked as an Engineer at small engineering firms in the state of Massachusetts as well as the Department of Public Works.  He also worked for Ritacco Construction in Belleville NJ as a Field Engineer on large heavy highway projects. At these positions he was the lead site engineer on projects that ranged in costs from a few million to 15 million dollars. 

Alex went back to school in 2013 to pursue a masters degree in education at Montclair State University from their iSTEM program. The program focused on inclusive co-teaching in the STEM subject areas with a goal of having both the subject area teachers and special education teachers be competent in teaching STEM to all levels of learners. He graduated with three teaching certifications, Technology Education (1810),  Earth Science (2220), and Students with Disabilities (2475).

Alex has worked at a variety of schools including a behavioral high school and schools in an urban setting but he has found his home at Morris Hills High School in 2017. He has taught many of the technology courses offered at Morris Hills including CAD, Engineering, Architecture, Electricity, Woods, Intro to Technology, and Graphic Communications.  

Alex is the current TSA advisor and been an Skills USA contest creator and judge since 2019. He is also the student advisor for the Morris Hills High School Technology Honor Society since its inception in 2019.  Alex is ADDA certified as well as completing the Onshape Certified Associate exam. 

He is also a member of the NJTEEA (New Jersey Technology and Engineering Educators Association) and ITEEA (International Technology and Engineering Educators Association). 

Sean Trisler

Sean Trisler is a 2016 graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark College of Engineering. He majored in Engineering Technology Education within the Engineering Technology department.  During his time at NJIT, he worked with the Urban Teacher Education Program at Rutgers University-Newark education department where he secured his Technology Education  (1810) Standard Teaching certificate. 

Sean has worked at Morris Hills Regional District teaching a variety of technology courses since the Fall of 2016. His course load has included Electricity, Robotics, Woodshop, Intro to Technology, CAD, Engineering, and Architecture. Sean teaches an accelerated Electronics and Robotics course with the Academy of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering hosted at Morris Hills High School in partnership with Morris County Vocational School. 

Sean has been a Skills USA contest creator and judge of the Technical Drafting competition since the Spring of 2015. He has also been a coach and mentor of several First Tech Challenge Robotics teams in north New Jersey since the Fall of 2017. Sean was a Panel member for the New Jersey Future Educators Conference at Rutgers University-Newark. He was a winner of the Stratasys Lesson Design Contest and has an ADDA (American Design Drafting Association) Certification 

He is also a member of the NJTEEA (New Jersey Technology and Engineering Educators Association) and ITEEA (International Technology and Engineering Educators Association). 

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