The frame of a building is like its skeleton, holding everything together. In this section, we'll learn some basic terms used in construction, like what studs and headers are, and what materials are commonly used. We'll also discuss why buildings are constructed a certain way and what benefits these methods offer. Understanding these basics will give us insight into how buildings are built and why they're built the way they are.

Parts of a Wall

The standard parts of a framed residential wall using lumber that you will find in any wall. 

Steps on how to draw this wall in SketchUp with a video tutorial 

Framed wall example with parts labels




Sole Plate

Double Top Plate

Cripple Stud

Jack Stud

King Stud


The materials commonly used for framing a house include wood, steel, aluminum, and engineered wood products. Each material has its own advantages and considerations, influencing the choice of material for framing. Here's a discussion on each:

The choice of framing material depends on various factors such as budget, local building codes and regulations, environmental considerations, structural requirements, and personal preferences. Builders and homeowners often weigh these factors carefully to select the most suitable framing material for their specific project.