Creating a part from a 2D sketch in Onshape involves using the extrusion operation to give depth and volume to the sketch. Once the sketch is ready, you select it and use the "Extrude" tool from the feature toolbar. In the extrude dialog, you specify the distance or depth you want to give to the sketch. This creates a solid 3D body by extending the 2D sketch in the specified direction. 

The extrusion operation in Onshape is a fundamental process that transforms a 2D sketch into a 3D part, giving depth and volume to the design. By using constraints and precise modeling techniques, designers can create intricate and accurate parts that form the basis of larger assemblies or products.

Step 1

Once you have a completed sketch that is fully defined you can then begin to create a part. 

Step 2

The most basic way to turn you sketch into a part is to use the extrude feature. This will take your 2D sketch and turn it into a 3D object.

Step 3

Add any other features to your part like fillets and holes. You can also at this point use other sketches and extrude/remove to modify your part to fit your design.

Other Part Making Features