FTC Rev Control and Expansion Hub

FTC Control Hub

The REV Robotics Control Hub is an affordable all-in-one educational robotics controller. It provides students all the necessary interfaces for robotics and mechatronics projects with multiple programming language options.

The Control Hub is purpose-built to stand up to the rigors of the classroom and the competition field with ESD and reverse polarity protection. Running the Android operating system gives the Control Hub the flexibility to control both basic and advanced robots while also being field-updatable as new features are developed.

The Control Hub must run v5.0 or higher of the Robot Controller application and paired with a v5.0 or higher Driver Station application. To make sure your Control Hub is running the latest software, use the REV Hardware Client.

The Control Hub is an all-in-one controller that can send and recieve signals from 

The Control Hub allows you to code and save your programs directly on and from the device. Using WIFI direct, you can connect to any WIFI device like a phone or laptop and code using that interface. Currently supported programming languages are:

FTC Expansion Hub

The REV Robotics Expansion Hub is an affordable hardware controller which can communicate with any computer, including Android tablets/phones and the REV Robotics Control Hub. The Expansion Hub is loaded with hardware interface options to enable driving motors and servos, interfacing with sensors, and communicating with other devices via several protocol options.  

The Expansion Hub incorporates ESD and reverse polarity protection and is purpose built to stand up to the rigors of use in the classroom or on the competition field. In addition to the built in protections, the Hub also features keyed and locking connectors to prevent connection problems in the heat of competition and is fully field upgradable so your hardware can always run the most up-to-date firmware. 

Functionally, the Expansion Hub is Identical in form and function to the Control Hub whereas it can control the same amount and types of actuators and sensors except that any Expansion Hub made after 2021 does not have an onboard IMU- this was replaced with the Control Hub having one. In order to communicate to a Gamepad of controller, the Expansion hub must be connected to a Control Hub or its own WIFI enabled device with the Robot Controller App downloaded onto it- usually an Android cellphone. The cellphone is connected with a micro-USB to mini-USB adapter.

Control Hub: Getting Started using a Web Browser

Getting Started using the REV Hardware Client

For more information on setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting your REV Control Hub or Expansion Hub visit REV's Guides and Tutorials.