The use of tools is an integral part of hand drafting, and it is important for designers, architects, and engineers to have a thorough understanding of the various tools used in the drafting process. These tools are used in combination to create detailed and accurate drawings. Understanding how to use each tool properly is essential for producing high-quality hand-drawn drafts.


A T-square is a straightedge with a perpendicular handle that is used to draw horizontal lines. It is essential for creating accurate and straight lines.


Triangles are used to draw vertical and angled lines. They come in different sizes and angles, and each triangle has a different purpose. The most common are the 45/45/90 and the 30/60/90.


An eraser is used to remove mistakes or unwanted lines from the drawing.

Eraser Shield

An eraser shield covers the part of the design you want to keep while erasing and allows you to erase with sharp corners.

Drafting Pencils

Pencils are the most common tool used for hand drafting. They come in various grades, from hard to soft, and each grade produces a different line weight.


A compass is used to draw circles and arcs of various sizes.

Drafting Stencils

Stencils are used to draw common shapes and elements consistently that would be time consuming to draw with out the use of stencils. 

Drafting Boards

Drafting Boards hold your paper in place to make it easier to draw lines consistently. They also straight smooth edges to run your T-square along to draw horizontal lines.   


A scale is used to make measurements on a drawing. It allows the designer to accurately transfer measurements from the real world to the drawing.


A triangle wheel or stack involves aligning and stacking drafting triangles of different angles on top of each other to create a combined angle. The purpose of using a triangle stack is to quickly and accurately draw lines at various angles that you would not be able to produce otherwise. 

Here's how you can use a triangle stack to produce the angles for the triangle wheel in hand drafting:

By using different combinations of triangles, you can produce a range of angles for your drawings quickly and accurately.

Drafting triangle wheel created with triangle stacks