LM386 Amplifier Projects

Audio Amplifier Circuit

What to Expect:

The following circuits show an LM386 Amplifier Integrated Circuit at the center of this schematic. An Amplifier is used to increase the input voltage to higher, usable voltages. This is most often seen in speakers where the sound input is low voltage and a high voltage is needed to power a large speaker.

How it Works:

The LM386 Amplifier IC utilizes a low power supply like batteries in electrical and electronic circuits. The voltage gain of this amplifier can be adjusted between 20 and 200 by employing external components like resistors as well as capacitors among pins 1 & 8. As you can see, a capacitor attached to the Gain Pins 1 and 8 will increase the amplitude of the voltage of the Output Pin 5. When the voltage amplitude on a speaker is increased, the amplitude of volume is also increased. 

Above is the inside of an LM386 Amplifier Integrated Circuit. 


As you can see, the majority of an amplifier's circuit remains the same. This circuit heavily relies on the LM386 Amplifier IC. From there, we can make minor adjustments to change the gain like in the schematic to the right or the input in the following schematics. 

To the right, there is an amplifier circuit with a microphone input and below the same but with a AM Radio input.