Wiring and Adaptors

FTC Adaptor Types



PWM 3-Pin

JST 2-Pin

JST 3-Pin

JST 4-Pin


XT30 Power Switch

XT30 Extension Cable

XT30 Power Distribution Block

REV 12V Battery with XT30 Adaptor

REV 12V Battery Charger with XT30 Adaptor

Tamiya to XT30 Battery Adapter


Anderson to JST 2-Pin Adaptor

Anderson Extension Cable

JST 2-Pin Extension Cable

JST 4-Pin Encoder Extension Cable

JST 2-Pin Joiner Board

JST 4-Pin Joiner Board

Servos Logic and Sensors

PWM Extension Cable

Servo Y Connector

Sensor Cable Adaptor for Level Converter

Logic Level Converter