This is a step by step guide on how to draw a framed wall in SketchUp. I will go over the different components of the wall and how to draw each part and place them in the correct location. I will also show you some tips and tricks along the way in SketchUp to help make drawing this a little easier. 

Background Knowledge

Framed wall with labels and dimensions

SketchUp Steps

I am drawing this wall with actual 2"x4" dimensions for the studs. The actual dimensions of a 2x4 is actually 1.5"x3.5" and in later drawings I will take that into account but for this first assignment its easier to work in whole numbers. 

Step 1

I always adjust the camera to be the view that I am working in and snap to parallel projection. 

Step 2

To start I draw the soleplate at the origin as a 2x4 and pull it 16ft. I also make it a group so that I can easily use it later.  

Step 3

Draw a stud 7'6" tall and place it as a group at the end of the sole plate. The studs are 7'6" tall because to get to the 8' you need to include the width of the sole plate and the double top plate. 

Step 4

Array the studs the lengths of the sole plate 16" apart. To array in SketchUp you use the move command and hit the ctrl key to make a copy, then type in x and the number of copies you want.